Best digital marketing services in Arkansas

Need marketing help for your company? You’re in the right place. We do amazing work, all backed up with honest reporting and great customer service.

Marketing services from Rock City Digital

We specialize in marketing for Home and Professional Service providers, meaning each of our services is designed to create big impact and the best possible ROI for companies like yours

Web Design

Custom design available with the bells and whistles. This is the homebase for your entire online presence


Search Engine Optimization helps determine who gets to see your website on Google. This works long-term and is an ongoing process 

Google Ads

Google Ads give you immediate results and great ROI. Because we target specific audiences, your leads are higher quality

Social Media

We take photos and videos of your team and services and then strategically post for you, plus reply to comments and messages

Logo Design

Your logo is the foundation of your brand. We create really good ones that are distinct, authentic, and loved by customers 

Our service area

Rock City Digital was founded in Little Rock in 2016 and has grown to serve clients across central Arkansas and NWA. But because we’re a digital agency, we’re able to work remotely with amazing companies in neighboring states and all over the country.

Of our services, the only one with geographic limitations is social media management — somethings just can’t be done virtually, at least not the way we do it.

How to make the magic happen for your marketing

Rock City Digital’s services can produce incredible outcomes individually. But the real magic in digital marketing is when different platforms work together in tandem, which makes sense because internet users don’t stay in one place. So you’ll get an entirely different league of results (and ROI) with combined services that reach your audience at multiple points under the same strategy.

Get more customers

Lead generation done right

Grow your brand

Establish yourself as a major player

Build your team

Utilize digital marketing to recruit and retain talent

What to expect with Rock City Digital

When a company brings Rock City Digital on as their new digital marketing provider, we take the time to get to know them. We want to! Getting to know you is part of the fun. Maybe we just like making friends. But honestly, if we’re going to do good work for you, we have to understand your business.

Rock City Digital will never propose services that don’t make sense for your goals. Every digital marketing strategy we implement is custom to the client, and crafted based on our conversations, our research, plus our experience and intuition as marketers. So it’s okay if you as a business owner don’t know exactly what specific services you need! Figuring that out is our job, and our success depends on getting it right.

Frequently asked questions about  Arkansas digital marketing services

There definitely is a technical side to what we do. That’s just the nature of working with computers and the internet. But the fundamentals of our services will be familiar to any business owner who’s advertised on television, print, or radio!

Digital marketing is only confusing because, unfortunately, bad agencies make it confusing to take advantage of their client’s trust. That kind of behavior doesn’t fly at Rock City Digital. We always hope to explain our services in everyday language that’s easy to understand. And we welcome any questions you have about what we offer! To get started, here are some common points business owners want to know more about.

I've tried digital marketing before and didn't get results. What makes RCD different?

First off, it’s unfortunate you’re coming from a negative experience with a previous provider. It’s all too common for Arkansas business owners to go through.

Rock City Digital’s services are performance based, meaning we measure success by outperforming the previous month or quarter. And we’re very transparent about the status of the work. You’ll receive monthly reporting that clearly indicates what’s going right and where we need to improve. If ultimately the results don’t meet your expectations, we won’t try to lock you in with a sneaky contract.

We’re happy to say that if we bring you on as a client, it’s because we are sincerely confident that we will create success in your marketing.

How do I know what services I need?

You’ll chat with a Happiness Geek who will propose marketing solutions that fit your industry, your goals, and your budget. Because it really is case-by-case and often changes over time.

If your company is for whatever reason not a good fit for our marketing services, we’ll be very candid about that and point you in the right direction of a provider who would be a better match.

Is digital marketing better for my business vs print, radio, and television?

Naturally we’re a digital agency so we like digital — it’s very trackable, can be adjusted and optimized quickly, and we think ultimately produces more reliable ROI compared to traditional advertising venues.

That said, there’s definitely a place for more old school marketing solutions. We’ve seen plenty of companies do very well with a mix. And for some people even today, traditional ads might still beat out digital. It may come down to your location, industry, and target audience.

Does Rock City Digital work with nonprofits?

Yes! We’ve done amazing things for nonprofits in Arkansas and beyond. Click here to learn more about our services for organizations like yours. 

What if I want social media management but my company is based outside your service area?

We might still be able to make it happen! We’ve taken on social media clients across the country. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

We’ll take it from here

Let Rock City Digital take marketing off your hands. Our crazy passionate team will get to know you and your goals, and design a unique plan that makes it happen for your business, using the right mix of digital marketing services.