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A growing population and rapidly developing industries make Springdale a great place to do business. But it’s important to consider that consumers in Springdale have their own expectations and needs; marketing tactics that work in neighboring NWA cities might flop here. So success requires a marketing partner that really understands who you are, what you do, and isn’t afraid to experiment to find the winning formula.

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In another industry? That's okay! While we specialize in service-based businesses, many of our clients fall outside that. Check out this form and get in touch. We'd love to do good work for you (and we'll be honest if we're not the best option for your needs).

Northwest Arkansas’ City of Opportunity

Should you really be putting money in marketing right now? It’s the question business owners in Springdale (and everywhere else) are asking themselves. And there are good reasons some are shaking their heads and considering scaling back their marketing dollars. What they’re missing is the importance of this moment. And while this is broadly true across Arkansas and in the greater business environment, it’s especially true in Springdale: this is a time of opportunity.

The world changed and your business changed with it. You’re here, right now, providing service in Springdale. But if people don’t know that, if they don’t know you are and what you do, there’s the possibility of missing out on all the growth that this big, diverse community promised you.

Rock City Digital makes the difference. It’s our job to figure out what works, to discover the best way to get you in front of the right audiences. It might be bilingual website design. It might be social media. Sometimes our marketing works instantly, sometimes it takes tweaking. But the results will be stunning when you finally tap into everything that is Springdale, Arkansas.

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We’re not saying that traditional marketing doesn’t have a place in Springdale. But Rock City Digital is all in on digital. Our services are smart and responsive; they evolve as your audience evolves, and react to what works and what doesn’t. It’s a process that mixes real-time data with our intuition as experienced marketers.

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We make sure good, loyal customers discover you when looking for your services online. And when they do, we make it easy to get started with your company

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Whether you’re a new business or just need a fresh look, our designers get to know you and your audience to craft seriously good branding

Build your team

Finding the right people is a challenge. Digital marketing may be the surprising solution: we help great potential hires find you online

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We provide Springdale business owners and nonprofits with leading digital marketing services

Frequently asked questions about digital marketing in Springdale

While we’re new to Springdale, Rock City Digital has been in business for over 7 years and the digital marketing industry has been around a lot longer. But even today most people don’t really understand what digital agencies do. We get it — the Internet is changing all the time. So feel free to reach out with any questions on your mind. RCD’s team of Marketing Geeks is excited to talk more and get to know you.

Is Rock City Digital based in Springdale?
All of our services are available in Springdale but Rock City Digital was originally founded in Little Rock in 2016.
How can I improve my business's online visibility?

You can improve your online visibility, allowing you to reach a wider range of customers in Springdale and beyond, through expert digital marketing strategies, including website optimization, SEO, targeted social media campaigns, and Google Ads.

What is SEO, and how will it help my business grow?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s all about making your website rank higher on search engines like Google. SEO strategies will optimize your online presence in Springdale and beyond, propelling business growth and success in the competitive market.

Do you work with Springdale nonprofits?
Absolutely! Click here to learn more about what we offer nonprofits. Every nonprofit is unique, making our custom website design especially impactful for them.

It’s time to switch to the marketing provider that delivers results

Springdale business owners are discovering the difference Rock City Digital makes. Smarter strategies, better project management, and agreements that work for you, not against you. All backed up with analytics and reporting that reveal exactly where your marketing dollars are going.