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Social media makes potential new customers feel good about signing up for your services. It makes your business easy to find and gives you credibility online. And with Rock City Digital, we handle everything. So you’ll never have to worry about posting or replying to messages.

So much more than just a sales tool

Rock City Digital comes out to your location and captures authentic content of your team and services. Because social media creates value beyond sales. Done right by real pros, it’s a retention tool that highlights your team and makes people feel valued. And it enhances recruitment by showing off the company culture you offer.

Montie captures client content at company event
Professional content production in Little Rock studio
Arkansas social media manager records content on DSLR

We create real content 100% custom to you

If it feels like the algorithm is stacked against you, it’s because it actually is. Most of what Arkansas business’ post just gets lost in the clutter. So to stay a step ahead, we use the right mix of media types per platform and audience. And unlike other marketing providers, our social media managers don’t post stock pictures or random internet articles. You get real content created just for your company.

Arkansas social media photography collage

Everyone loves Pictures and they look great on your feed

Brand Graphic Collage

Branded graphics are the best way to communicate shareable info

Social media short-form video screenshot

Long and short form Videos bring your brand to life

4 signs this is the right time for Social Media

  • You’re looking to elevate your business to the next level and understand that a strong social media presence builds trust within local communities
  • You’ve noticed that your competitors consistently have more likes, shares, and comments on their posts
  • You’ve established a social media presence but don’t know how to effectively manage it
  • Your follower count or post engagement has been on a consistent decline, or has plummeted suddenly without any known reason or action causing it

The voice of some of Arkansas’ favorite brands

Social media gives you brand awareness and credibility online. It shows off the best of your business and team. Our social media pros go out to your location quarterly to grab amazing new material that real people will interact with. And as your audience grows, you get more and more value out of each post.

Naomi is your
Project Manager

Montie is your Production Geek

Social media management, starting at $1,000/month

Available on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

We do it all. From crafting a unique strategy, to creating and editing content, to posting and engaging with your audience. Our team handles everything. We come out to your location every quarter, capturing new content and keeping things looking fresh. And we optimize as we go, learning from our interactions with real users and by studying the analytics. So your social feeds are always relevant and engaging.

Frequently asked questions about social media management

Who can blame local businesses in Little Rock and NWA for giving up on social media? Because to be honest, getting good results is trickier now than ever. But that’s exactly why this is such an amazing time to be on it. Fewer of your competitors can keep up but your customers are more engaged now than ever.

What social media platform should I be on?

This is a good question and it’s totally case by case. But generally for businesses in Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas we recommend Facebook.

That might surprise some people, especially younger business owners. Newer platforms like TikTok (which we’re obsessed with, by the way) are attractive but don’t necessarily provide a viable commercial audience. Facebook may seem like a dimming star in the social media landscape but it actually has a huge active user base and ads still do very well on it.

Rock City Digital offers social media management on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Reach out and we can talk more about your business and recommend a platform that’s right for your goals.

Do you answer questions and comments?

Absolutely! Your social media manager will engage with audience comments on posts and will answer common questions in DM’s. For anything we can’t answer, we’ll reach out to you for guidance in the response.

Who owns my content?

You do! We post original content created for you and owned by you. So if you ever want to use our photography, graphics, or videos in some other area of your marketing, it’s all yours.

How often do you post?

This depends on the platform and strategy. Generally, we post 2-3 times a week.

Will I go viral?

Okay so we actually have had posts go viral! It’s completely random and you never know what’s going to do it. It’s definitely not something we can plan for. But in the cases when it has happened, a benefit for the client of social media management with us is that we were able to quickly jump on the opportunity and take advantage of the brand exposure. Essentially we rode the wave and got as much value for the business out of it as possible.

While we can’t guarantee virality, we can guarantee you won’t go viral for something bad. We never post anything political, controversial, or inflammatory.

What's the difference between long form videos and short form videos?

Video content is a super important part of any social media strategy but the length of video can make a huge difference. Algorithms reward short form videos: essentially short clips, typically between 30 and 60 seconds in length. We can broadly define anything longer than that as long form. We use a mix of both; short videos are usually funny or trendy while longer videos are good for information and storytelling.

Full service social media management

Companies across Arkansas are discovering the benefits of social media management. We create credibility online and show off the best of your business, making it easier to sell your services or retain and recruit new talent.