About Rock City Digital

What makes us so different? It’s simple: we built a company around a team (and not the other way around). We might be a little funky but since 2016, we’ve been delivering incredible marketing results for companies across Arkansas.

Different by design

The short version goes like this: Rock City Digital has the happiest, most creatively fulfilled team in the industry, and you reap all the benefits. Passionate work. Emotionally engaged project management. Sincere, reliable communication. We are the leading qualified lead generation marketing provider in the region, and it’s because we’re just made different.

The long version doesn’t summarize so neatly. But it’s a story we love to tell, and one we’re proud of.

Our founder Kait Hill launched Rock City Digital in 2016 out of frustration. Frustration because she couldn’t get good marketing locally. Frustration because the agency experience, inside and out, was just rotten. Kait had the same problems with marketing agencies you’ve probably had: bad communication, missed deadlines, and ridiculous contracts. She realized it stemmed from a workplace culture that took advantage of people. And it seemed like everyone was in on it. It wasn’t right. There had to be something better.

But there wasn’t. At least not here.

So Kait created it. A company founded from the bones to be different. An agency that really cared; that did good work for good people, and that pushed the envelope for them. But things really clicked with the arrival of Kelli Campbell as partner in 2019. Kait and Kelli’s vision for RCD grew into a kind of force that reached beyond our namesake hometurf. Now, we bring together the best local and national talent to deliver incredible work for our clients — our friends — in Little Rock, NWA, and anywhere else our wifi takes us.

The core values you’ll
see in everything we do

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Growth minded

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Action oriented

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Okay so we’re going to make some big promises to you, and the biggest promise is that you’ve never experienced a marketing agency like Rock City Digital. Not only will we do great work, we’ll make the whole process fun and easy. And for folks from Little Rock to Bentonville, we’ve delivered on that promise, project after project. What’s the secret? Core values, but not like core values how people say core values. Core values that are our Core. That guide everything we do, and that guarantee a quality of product and liveliness of energy you can’t get anywhere else.

Marketing Geeks that bridge generations

Social media, web, it all comes naturally to us. Rock City Digital is founded and staffed by Millennials and Gen Z. Our team grew up in the internet’s early days; we remember life before it, and we understand the online world today.

We’re your bridge across the generations. We connect. It’s what makes the magic work in our service.

Areas of

Our local and remote team can do good work anywhere. But we especially appreciate the markets close to home. There’s nothing that makes us smile like seeing businesses in Little Rock and NWA thrive.

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Hey Arkansas business owners:
thank you for what you do

We love working with companies like yours. Often overlooked and underappreciated, those long hours you put in, every single day, are what keep the world turning. That’s why we’ve created digital marketing strategies priced right for Home and Professional Service providers, and offer services that make sense for your business and audience.

Home Services

Industries include

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical services
  • Landscaping and lawn care
  • Roofing and gutter services
  • Home security and alarm systems
  • Moving and storage services
  • Pest control
  • Solar
  • Home builders
  • Garage door
  • Flooring
  • Building supplies
  • Powerwashing

Everyone needs what you provide. But unfortunately, folks often don’t care to think about those services beyond the day they give you a call. Plus, a lot of times, newcomers enter the market seeking a quick buck. They give the whole industry a bad name and create distrust among your audience. And don’t get us started on how national competitors mess things up.

In today’s online world, people’s expectations (especially young people’s) have changed a lot. That’s where Rock City Digital comes in. We understand your industry — and we know how to get your internet presence running laps around the competition.

Professional Services

Industries include

  • Counseling and therapy services
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Business coaching and training
  • Staffing services
  • Dental practices
  • Addiction recovery
  • Commercial signage
  • Law firms
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Accounting Firms
  • Chiropractors
  • Pharmacies

The world of Professional Service providers is so nuanced; a small difference of specialty practically makes you and your competitors members of separate industries. But people don’t often distinguish the details. To the untrained eye, one company looks just like the rest. And that causes your competitor’s bad rap to spill onto yours.

Standing out and presenting your services in language people understand can be a challenge. The solution? Rock City Digital. We laser in and educate your audience, because it’s not enough to have leads. They have to be the right leads.

Work in a different industry than the options above? No worries. Most of our clients fall within these two categories but we work with clients in other industries too – except for e-commerce. Fill out this form if you’d like to get in touch and see if your project is the right fit.

You’re just a click away from finally getting digital marketing that works

In today’s economy, your marketing dollars need to get results. That’s why companies in Little Rock and NWA are switching to Rock City Digital. No sneaky contracts, just good work with the data to back it up.