Best web design company in Little Rock and NWA

We design websites that are more than just pretty. They’re functional assets in your marketing. They convert leads and make it easy for your customers to find the information they’re looking for.

Custom website design that does it all

Better conversions, more business. This is web design that makes you an authority in your industry online, that answers people’s questions and makes it easy to choose you over your competitors.

Designed for your goals

You get a custom website created to achieve your unique objectives

Looks great on phones

These days it has to! Our designs are 100% mobile friendly 

We handle the technical stuff

We host the site, plus make daily backups and manage software updates and security

Edits done fast

We can quickly knock out content updates (like business hours, words, and pictures) even after the new site has been up for a while

Add-on features designed for your goals

Your website can be more than a virtual brochure. We discover your needs and implement powerful features that make doing business easier.

Book online

Bilingual translation


Login portal

Third-party embeds

Events calendar

Real photos of your actual team (not stock pics we found online)

For an additional fee, our Production Geeks can capture actual pictures and video of your team, services, and location. It won’t just improve the visual quality of your new website. It’s actually better for business. People are automatically more likely to trust your company and become a conversion when they get to see real content.

4 signs you need a new website

  • Your website isn’t mobile friendly or maybe your customers find the layout confusing
  • Your competitors have sleek, modern websites that make yours look amateurish or obsolete
  • Not all page builders are equal; your current site is lacking SEO-friendly design, whereas we use a platform optimized for Google rankings
  • Your current website feels outdated and doesn’t reflect your company today

Your Help Geek

As part of your plan with RCD, your website recieves unlimited content updates typically completed within a business day by our HelpGeek team. So you can focus on your business instead of worry about when (and if) important new information has been added to your website.


[HelpGeek] has been wonderful. Her emails are friendly, and she responds quickly. My requests for updates are made within a day.

Meredith Pennington, Immerse Artists Experience

Meet RCD’s award winning web design team

Luna, Adrienne, and Daniel. Your new web team. We’re obsessed with designing the most beautiful and effective websites in Arkansas and we deliver a ton of energy, a ton of passion, and a ton of talent to every project. Each person involved contributes something unique, like deep technical knowledge or stunning creativity. The end result is a website crafted with skill and personality that feels authentic to your brand. Because it was made by real people who got to know you, your business, and your objectives. And working together, created a powerful new tool in your marketing.

Luna is your Project Manager

Adrienne is one of your Web Designers

Daniel is one of your Web Designers

Get started with Arkansas’ best web design team

You’ll work directly with our team of award winning web designers for an end result that’s so cool and so right, you’ll want to jump up and down on launch day. It’s a fun, easy process we’ve had years to perfect.

Frequently asked web design service questions

Whoever in the 90’s made up all these web design words should have gotten fired. Domains, hosting, SSL, DNS it can get confusing. Our designers use everyday language to talk about the nitty-gritty technical stuff, so you’ll never feel in the dark about what’s going on with your website. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know a lot about it, so totally ask anything about our web design services that are on your mind. But to start, here are some common questions we get from people in Little Rock and NWA.

Can I get special functions like Book Online?

We can make that happen! RCD’s websites are built on WordPress. We like it because it’s flexible to the needs of our clients. Many special functions and features, like on-site booking or user portals, have reliable solutions ready to implement. And if you need something truly custom, we have a developer handy who can probably create it.

Will my website have SEO?

Yes and no. Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important and our designers take it into account when making creative and technical decisions. Every website we make is built to be Google friendly.

However, SEO is not the same as web design. Rock City Digital does provide SEO services and whenever possible, we recommend bringing us on for both design and SEO at the start of the project. That way our Google specialists can collaborate with your designer from the very foundation up.

Where will the text and pictures come from?

We got you covered! Our professional copywriters produce the text context, based on our notes from the kickoff meeting and with additional info from you and your team.

There are some great stock image sites we can recommend that offer free photos. You’ll select the ones you like and send them to your Project Manager. Alternatively our team can pick out the images for you for an additional fee.

The best option for most businesses however is a Content Package. This is a really cool additional service where we send a photographer out to your location to capture real picture and video content of your team and services. It makes your website seem a lot more authentic and trustworthy. Plus, you own the content and can use it in other areas of your business too.

Do you do e-commerce websites?

Generally no. We recommend going with an e-commerce specialist, especially if you have a lot of products or you’re entering a new market.

What if I need to make an update after my website launches?

We’ll knock it out within a business day! Unlike other agencies that make you wait weeks or even months to finish update requests, your plan with RCD includes unlimited content updates. And they’re usually completed the same day. So no more waiting to have your hours updated, a team member added, or any other change that needs to be reflected on the website.

Will my website look good on phones?

Absolutely! Mobile optimization is a critical part of what we do and every website we launch is designed to look good when your audience pulls it up on a computer, on a tablet, or on their smartphone.

Our web design team takes this so seriously that the design of your website will even be impacted by where it will be viewed the most. For example, if you’re B2B, your web traffic tends to be mostly desktop — people looking at the website on office computers. But for home service providers, it could be as much as 90% mobile. So we’ll lay out information with that in mind.

Web design services that get the job done, beautifully

Your website does a lot, all day, every day. So if you’ve only ever had a good website, you’ll be amazed at the difference having a great one makes for your business.