Get better pay-per-click with Google Ads

Unless your Google Ads are being skillfully managed by real pros, you might be throwing money away on clicks that will never become customers. Rock City Digital is the solution. We measure twice and cut once, creating great ROI and bringing reliable new business to your door.

Cutting edge marketing with big returns

From small campaigns to million dollar budgets, Rock City Digital delivers extraordinary ROI on Google Ads for business owners in Arkansas and beyond.

Better quality conversions

We don’t count a conversion unless it’s a real, qualified lead

Quickly adjust your ad spend

Put more money in during your busy season or decrease when you’re at capacity

National-tier quality

Our SEM specialists have worked on big campaigns, so you get national quality experience at Arkansas rates

5 star customer support

Your designated rep at RCD will quickly answer questions and proactively address potential issues

What is a Google Ad?

There are different kinds of Google Ads but the type you probably see everyday are Search Ads. Search Ads are very powerful because they put your website at the top of Google rankings. So even if your competitor is ranked #1, you still get to appear first.

Here’s a mock example so you’ll know a Search Ad the next time you see one:

Service near me


Your Business, LLC

High conversion headline we wrote

Here we add text written specifically for the ad so people know immediately what you offer and why you’re the best solution for their needs. And under it, we link to the most relevant pages based on the search term.

Services  Locations  Coupons  Call Now

#1 ranked competitor

#2 ranked competitor

So the basics are simple: you’re essentially paying to skip to the front of the line. But like with most things in the world, actually putting that into practice gets very complicated. An inexperienced Google Ads manager could easily blown your entire budget by putting an ad in the wrong place. You could get a thousand clicks, but a thousand people who aren’t in your service area aren’t worth much for your bottom line.

Another reason to go with a Google Ads pro is the ad itself. Just being at the top of the list doesn’t guarantee potential customers will click on it. They have to feel good about your website, especially if you’re a company they maybe aren’t familiar with yet. With Rock City Digital, your Google Ads manager knows the right language to use for your audience. And we adjust the ad as new data comes in, actively optimizing it as we go to refine the quality of conversions.

4 signs your business will benefit from Google Ads

  • You have an online business but struggle to get noticed on search engines
  • Your competitors always seem to top the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising charts
  • You’ve been experiencing a drop in high-quality clicks, leads, and conversions
  • Your website’s pay-per-click traffic has been progressively decreasing, or there’s been a sharp drop-off without any clear reason or explanation

Leading Google Ads company in Little Rock and NWA

We’re so excited for you to see the phenomenal difference our Google Ads team will make for your business. This is one of the most dynamic tools in your marketing toolbox; we do it the right way and companies across Arkansas have been blown away by the results. They aren’t just getting more conversions, they’re getting better conversions. And unlike experiences you’ve possibly had working with Pay-per-click companies in the past, Rock City Digital provides candid, helpful customer support that listens to your questions and makes sure you’re never out of the loop on what’s happening with the campaign.

Your Project Manager is your on call contact

Our Google Ads team runs and optimizes your campaign

Get started for $1,500*

* Management fees apply

We do our homework. We study your market, analyze the search terms, and get to know your customers. We run lean, efficient campaigns that save on cost and maximize return for Arkansas business owners. And maybe most importantly, our Google Ad managers don’t set it and forget it. We’re constantly monitoring results and data, adjusting placement and content to yield even better ROI.

Frequently asked Google Ads & PPC Questions

Business owners from Little Rock to Northwest Arkansas have reached out with great questions about Google Ads. Here are a few of the common things people want to learn more about. While the terminology of Google Ads can get confusing, the fundamentals are familiar. This is just the advertising of our time. But unlike traditional advertising on radio, print, or television, we get to use amazing new tools that take the guess work out of it. In short, you get more and it costs you less.

Are Google Ads the same as SEM?

All Google Ads are SEM, but not all SEM is Google Ads. Search engine marketing (SEM) is any time you pay money to appear on search results (and includes other platforms like Bing Ads).

What is forecasting?

Forecasting allows us to predict the necessary budget to achieve a desired outcome. It’s a very cool part of Google Ads because we can anticipate results before implementing the campaign. This is what makes digital so powerful.

With forecasting, we can make smart decisions by looking at different campaigns and going with the one that gives you the best return. A certain keyword might be so competitive that the clicks just aren’t worth the investment. So we can see that and change up the strategy without spending a penny.

It also gives us an idea of how much your competitors are putting in, so you aren’t shooting in the dark if you plan to take them on.

How long does it take to start my Google Ads?

Typically 2-3 weeks! But there are factors that play into it, like the scope of the campaign. If you need ads up ASAP, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

How do I know if I need Google Ads or SEO?

In a perfect world, a business will implement both Google Ads and Search engine optimization (SEO) at the same time. They’ll get better results when the two are working together.

But let’s say a company is choosing between one service or the other. If they need results quickly, Google Ads are the way to go. A great example of this is a new company that wants to get the word out about their opening. Or a service provider during their peak business season.

If time isn’t as relevant for the company, getting SEO services is probably more appropriate for their marketing.

How will I know if my campaign is working?

Unlike traditional advertising, Google Ads are easy to measure. It’s one reason business owners get so much value out of them. We track conversions, such as phone calls and contact forms, so you’ll know exactly how well the campaign is working.

What is a Google Premier Partner?

Rock City Digital is in the top 3% of Google Partners, so we’re considered a Premier Partner. There are other requirements too. But essentially it means that our process has been rigorously vetted (and approved) directly by Google.

So not every Pay-per-click provider is a Google Partner. And then of those that are, only a select few are Premier Partners. This means you can expect the highest quality of service with Rock City Digital.

Customers are waiting. Get them now with Google Ads

Rock City Digital is your new pay-per-click provider. We get you the best bang for your buck with smart campaigns that really work. And because we’re actively optimizing as new data comes in, the quality of your conversations just gets better and better.