A logo that represents who you are

Your logo has two jobs: looking good and feeling right. Plenty of people will sell you something that looks good. But what you get from the designers at RCD will excel at doing both.

Start today for a stunning new logo in 8 weeks

Your business could have a new logo soon, typically within 6-8 weeks of the kickoff meeting date. It’s a fun but interactive process for you as a business owner (plus any decision makers). We invest the time upfront in getting to know the business — because to craft an effective logo, our designers have to understand who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.

Then we take that knowledge and enter the creative zone, producing a series of totally original and custom logo drafts for your review. Design isn’t easy; sometimes we get it right the first time, sometimes we need to go back to the drawing board. The important thing is that you as a business owner don’t have to settle for a logo you don’t love. Your service with RCD includes multiple rounds of revisions where honest feedback is heard, appreciated, and utilized. The final result is a logo that looks amazing while being true to your business.

First Drafts

Revised direction

Final Logo

What’s included (it’s more than just a logo)

You get a professionally designed logo delivered in multiple image formats (jpg, png, that kind of thing) plus variant files, like the one-color version you might need for a shirt, so all your branding needs are taken care of. We also include a cheatsheet that lists our colors, fonts, and also some specific pointers on logo usage from the designer.

Multiple concepts

Revision rounds

File types

Branding guide

4 reasons you need a logo

  • You’re launching a new business and have yet to establish a unique, visual identity in the marketplace
  • Your business is undergoing a rebrand, and your current logo no longer aligns with your mission or target audience
  • You’ve noticed that your brand struggles to stand out among competitors, lacking a distinctive or memorable logo
  • Your business model has expanded into new areas, making your existing logo less representative of your full range of offerings

Designed by marketing pros

Logo design is just one of those industries, it’s not instantly obvious who are the pros and who are the amateurs. Rest assured. Here at Rock City Digital, we’re the pros. You’ll work with a designated project manager who’s your go-to contact throughout the entire process. And a seasoned graphic artist will be crafting the logo from first sketch to final export.

Your Project Manager is your on call contact

Our Graphic artist designs custom branding

Logo design starting at $1,500

We won’t beat around the bush: this isn’t the cheap option. We don’t want it to be. In our opinion the logo that represents your company, that represents what you’ve built, should be made professionally with passion and a lot of care.

Here logo design is our craft. It starts as a conversation, then becomes pages in a sketchbook, before becoming real as an attractive, functional symbol that represents your company and appeals to the right audience.

FAQs for logo
design and branding

Logo design, graphic art, branding. This is definitely marketing territory so we do get (and want!) a lot of questions from local business owners about why they need this and what goes into it. Here are a few of the common things that come up in our conversations with Arkansas business leaders like you.

Why do I need a logo?

Without a logo, your business will struggle with customer trust and face extra challenges when trying to grow. So having a logo is a foundational business investment. It helps show legitimacy and visually represents the organization.

Having a logo becomes even more important as you grow. For example, having a recognizable logo before you open a second location makes it much easier for customers to understand they can expect the same great service or product from the new location as they’ve gotten from the first. This is doubly true for companies who want to franchise!

How much should I budget for a logo design with Rock City Digital?

Our logo packages start out at $1,500. This covers multiple rounds of drafts and revisions, plus a finished product including multiple versions of the logo in different file formats (like a white version on a transparent background).

What’s a logo refresh?

Let’s say you have an older or low quality logo that people recognize. Starting from scratch with an entirely new look is an option here but one we generally don’t recommend. Most of the time it’s better to have a designer clean up or modernize your existing logo so that it looks good but is still recognizable. We call this a logo refresh.

How long will it take for me to get my logo?

First concepts are delivered within a few weeks of the kickoff meeting. You can expect to have your final logo between 6-8 weeks!

How can I ensure the logo Rock City Digital creates really represents my company?

Getting this right is very important for your business, so we get the concern! By hiring professionals to design the logo, you’ve already done a lot to ensure a quality product that represents your company.

During the process we learn about your history, audience, and values and use these insights to guide the design work. You’ll also have a voice reviewing drafts. The final product is a logo that looks great and represents who you are and where you’re going.

Professional logo design for your company

The logo we begin today could still be creating value for you decades down the line. That’s the power of good branding.