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Things are really changing in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Once a funky secret, Fayetteville has become a national destination for coastal transplants, trendy startups, and everyone else who can get in on the action. So it’s really no surprise marketing in Razorback Country requires a unique approach.

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The power of authentic marketing in Fayetteville

Digital marketing is everywhere in Fayetteville. As businesses and organizations compete for spots on social media feeds and search engine results, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter. So that’s the first challenge — online visibility. Just showing up. The next challenge is what happens when you are found. How do people react to what they see — do you feel authentic, like a real business with real people?

A digital marketing campaign in Fayetteville should address both to be successfully: you have to be found and people have to connect with what they find. This is actually where the opportunity is. Because your competitors are only getting half the equation from their marketing providers.

Rock City Digital is the complete package. We’re experts at online visibility but we also present you as an authentic company. And when we say authentic, we don’t mean you have to be trendy hipsters to be appealing — though in Fayetteville it probably doesn’t hurt. But authentic is about expressing yourself as real, local people. No stock pictures, no corporate templates. Because people want to do business with you as you really are.

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You’ll never catch us saying it’s digital marketing or the highway. Traditional marketing (like billboards, radio, and TV) probably still can work for you in Fayetteville. But it’s not what we do. Rock City Digital is a 100% digital marketing agency. We love all the real-time data and the technology. We love the quickness and responsiveness to change. And in an evolving market like NWA, those things count extra.

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We do more than get more clicks. We connect good customers ready to convert with your services and help turn them into repeat business.

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Grow your brand

Rebranding? Starting from scratch? Our designers get to know you, what makes you special, and the expectations of your audience to craft the right branding for your objectives.

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Build your team

Digital marketing does more than sell, it can be a powerful hiring and retention tool that helps fill positions and keep your team engaged.

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Frequently asked questions about digital marketing in Fayetteville

Our Marketing Geeks strive to use simple, everyday language when discussing digital marketing. Because everything about this industry could be confusing. The lingo, the computers, all the numbers — it’s all stuff we like and understand very well. But as a client, you deserve to know exactly what you’re paying for. So we invite you to reach out with any questions about our services and the results you can expect.

Is Rock City Digital based in Fayetteville?
All of our services are available in Fayetteville (and across NWA) but Rock City Digital was founded in Little Rock in 2016.
How will I know what I need to grow my Fayetteville business?

At Rock City Digital, we really get to know you and your business inside out. We dig deep to understand your goals, challenges, and dreams. Then, armed with all that juicy info, we craft custom strategies that perfectly match your objectives and set you on the path to success.

How can I improve my business's online visibility?

You can improve your online visibility, allowing you to reach a wider range of customers in Fayetteville and beyond, through expert digital marketing strategies, including website optimization, SEO, targeted social media campaigns, and Google Ads.

Do you work with Fayetteville nonprofits?
RCD loves working with local nonprofits! Click here to learn more about what we offer nonprofits. Every organization is unique so custom website design can be especially helpful for telling your story and communicating impact.

It’s time to switch to the marketing provider that delivers results

Fayetteville business owners are loving the Rock City Digital experience. Savvier strategies, top-notch project management, and agreements that are all about you. Plus, we’ve got analytics and reporting to show you the value of every marketing dollar spent.