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When Little Rock businesses need qualified lead generation, they come to Rock City Digital. We make it easy for local companies to finally see results in their marketing. And unlike other agencies you’ve worked with, we offer a customer experience that’s seriously fun and energizing.

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In another industry? That's okay! While we specialize in service-based businesses, many of our clients fall outside that. Check out this form and get in touch. We'd love to do good work for you (and we'll be honest if we're not the best option for your needs).

The truth about digital marketing in Little Rock

Here’s some brutal honesty: it’s way too easy for marketing providers to take advantage of their clients. It’s unfortunate but we see it everyday. Business owners from the Heights to Markham Street have been burned by so-called SEO “specialists” who make up statistics, or social media people that never post.

This industry is technical. It’s challenging and always changing. It requires a lot of trust. And there are folks out there that will take advantage of that trust, and try to lock you in for services you don’t need under a contract that doesn’t make sense.

Rock City Digital is something fresh. An agency that puts people first. Really — we do! We’re happier that way. Because we’re creatives, and we’re Geeks, and we care about our team and our clients. Business is so much more than dollars in, dollars out. It’s connection. It’s relationships. You made it to where you are because you understand that. And so do we.

How we’re helping
Little Rock businesses

Our job is getting you results. And we can only succeed by truly listening to your needs as a business owner, and getting to know your company well. We research, we tinker, and we let our intuition weigh in too. So when we implement, it’s the right strategy. The one that will make the difference for your company.

Get more customers

Qualified lead generation is our bread and butter. We understand it extremely well. We put you in front of the right audience and make them feel good about becoming your customer.

Grow your brand

Building an audience is often a long game. We can help. Not just by putting more eyes on your brand but by guiding individuals from first exposure all the way to loyal fan.

Build your team

It’s harder and harder to find the right people. That’s why we design recruitment campaigns that reach good candidates and make them engaged and excited to join your team.

All marketing services

Digital marketing opens up new opportunities. And our Little Rock Marketing Geeks know their stuff. We keep up with the evolving online space and will do fantastic work for your company.

Frequently asked questions about digital marketing in Little Rock

Let’s take the mystery out of digital marketing. We actually really love answering questions about what we do and why we do it, so don’t be shy about anything that’s on your mind! But to get this started, here are some common questions from business owners near you.

I live outside of Little Rock. Can I still get service with Rock City Digital?

Yes, absolutely! We work with companies all over Central Arkansas, including NLR, Conway, and Benton/Bryant. While many of RCD’s services can be offered anywhere, we can’t help but feel a special connection and familiarity with the greater LR metro. There’s no place like home!

Is your team local?

Yes and no. We’re very intentional about recruiting the best talent availably locally, and many of our Geeks are lifelong Little Rock residents. But we also bring on remote talent so our clients get high caliber national marketers working on their accounts. It’s the best of both worlds: local familiarity, national experience.

Do you work with Little Rock nonprofits?

We LOVE nonprofits and do work with them — sometimes. But our specialties are generally more appropriate for service companies. You can always reach out. Even if we’re not a good fit, we’re happy to help connect you to someone we know and trust locally.

Is Rock City Digital a chamber member?

Yes! Rock City Digital is a proud member of the Little Rock Regional Chamber and the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce.

Located in downtown Little Rock

You’ve probably seen our Marketing Geeks running around LR in the signature black t-shirt. Rock City Digital was founded here in 2016 and although our service area has grown since then, this city is still home.

It’s time to switch to the marketing provider that delivers results

Little Rock business owners are discovering the difference Rock City Digital makes. Smarter strategies, better project management, and agreements that work for you, not against you. All backed up with analytics and reporting that reveal exactly where your marketing dollars are going.