Kelli Campbell

Partner + Chief Revenue Geek

Kelli is not only the RCD team’s biggest cheerleader and advocate, she’s also yours as a client. Or just anyone she meets. Kelli finds enormous pride in doing her part, small or big, in improving the lives of everyone around her. Each business decision on Kelli’s desk is for her an exciting opportunity. She wants with every action to deliver incredible service to our clients and to use her expertise to stretch your marketing dollars as far as they can go. She really is the kind of person who can’t sleep at night if she knows a business isn’t set up for success.

When not smiling ear to ear on the phone with a client, Kelli enjoys spending time with her husband Max and two daughters, Camille and Kit. The Campbells love a good old fashioned roadtrip or spending a relaxing weekend smoking meat and watching football.