Kait Hill

Chief Geek

Like many entrepreneurs, Kait never imagined herself as a business owner. But in 2016 she saw an opportunity in Little Rock to do things differently and had to take the shot. Kait’s vision was a marketing agency that put people first. She asked herself why does work have to be a negative for most of us, something that we dread, when we all spend so much of our lives doing it?

For Kait, creating a better workplace is what energizes her everyday to embrace the sacrifices and risks of entrepreneurship. Her ambition goes beyond building a great agency: she hopes the success of Rock City Digital inspires other companies to reimagine how they do business. There is no doubt in Kait’s mind that a strong, economically prosperous community is within our reach in Arkansas.

In Kait’s free time, she enjoys traveling and experiencing how other people live. Kait’s always trying new things and just added hiking, camping, and amateur dogsitting to her list of cherished hobbies.

Kait Hill headshot
Kait Hill using laptop