Rock City Digital is the local choice for nonprofit web design

Designing stunning nonprofit websites since 2016

Designing stunning nonprofit websites since 2016

Special features that enhance your nonprofit work

Not every web design company offers the special features that make your nonprofit more effective

Get more donations

Our websites integrate seamlessly with most payment platforms

Show upcoming events

And register attendees, all on your website

Translate your content

Extend your reach and meet your audience where they are with instant translations

Provide accessibility

An accessibe website isn’t just important, it may be necsesary as part of your compliance

Mobile friendly design

Your website needs to work for everyone, from desktop to phone users

Special login only content

Register members and protect certain pages, like board resources

Who we are at Rock City Digital

Nonprofits love the experience of working with Rock City Digital. We’re an established marketing agency, meaning you get professional service every step of the way. But it’s more than that. RCD’s unique workplace culture lets people thrive in roles they’re really good at. The result is a website made with empathy, quality, and passion.

  • Founded in Little Rock in 2016
  • Working remotely with nonprofits anywhere
  • ay Best Of 2023 and AMP Best of 2022

Expect an incredible experience

Going through a website design process with the wrong company can be exhausting. It’s a big undertaking that involves your time and probably your shareholders and board too. But working with Rock City Digital is totally different than that. We make the process easy, energizing, and fun. And it’s so rewarding at the end when you get to see your new web presence live for the world.


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Nonprofit client, owner

The features and perks nonprofits get with RCD

Rock City Digital is your new web design partner. We know what nonprofits need and are really good at providing solutions and support that’s right for you.

Agency project management

Professional Project Management and customer support

Copywriting that communicates your mission and impact

Powerful Special Features like Donate Online and Bilingual Translation

Web design that works

Mobile Responsive Design that looks great for everyone

Ongoing Content Updates that keep your website up-to-date

Access to Production Packages like photography and videography

Quality work, inside & out

Premium Website Hosting and support

Daily Site Backups and secure protection

Heavily customizable WordPress infrastructure

Claim your free consultation with Rock City Digital

Claim your free consultation with Rock City Digital