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How is it that in Bentonville there hasn’t been a marketing provider right for your business? Maybe it’s not surprising — everything is so scaled up here, so specialized. Rock City Digital is something different. Our services are designed to make big impacts for companies like yours.

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In another industry? That's okay! While we specialize in service-based businesses, many of our clients fall outside that. Check out this form and get in touch. We'd love to do good work for you (and we'll be honest if we're not the best option for your needs).

Why a Little Rock agency is right for your Bentonville small business

If you’re a local company, especially a home or professional services provider, you’re probably too big for freelance marketing but too small for vendor-scale services. It’s the natural problem doing business in a city as unique as Bentonville, Arkansas. And it seems like it’s only getting worse as Bentonville leans further into highly specialized, tech-forward industry.

So it makes sense that the best fit for your local business might not be a Bentonville company. Rock City Digital is a Little Rock agency expanding into NWA; our niche is marketing for home and professional service providers. Our team of Marketing Geeks take the time to get to know you, to understand your business and what makes it special, and we get to know your audience too. We implement smart marketing strategies that deliver real results, all backed by actual data.

While we might be new to Bentonville, Rock City Digital is not new to digital marketing or working with companies like yours. We’ve been helping local businesses hit (and surpass) their revenue goals since our founding in 2016.

How we’re helping
NWA businesses

RCD is a 100% digital agency, meaning that while traditional marketing platforms like radio and TV might still fit into your mix, it’s not our specialty. We’re very good at crafting digital marketing campaigns that reach your audience at different points in their online experience — like social media, your website, and Google ads. The result is cohesive, effective, and delivers powerful returns.

Get more customers

We do more than drive traffic. We design campaigns that reach high quality leads, the kind of people about to become new favorite customers

Grow your brand

We design stunning brands, whether you’re a start-up working from the logo up or an existing company needing a fresh look

Build your team

Our hiring campaigns help connect the best talent with your company, growing your team and improving retention

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Frequently asked questions about digital marketing in Bentonville

Digital marketing is changing all the time. New technology, new platforms, new audience expectations. We love it; we’re marketing Geeks, obsessed with delivering high quality marketing to companies like yours. And while this has been our bread and butter since 2016, we get how confusing the lingo and terminology can be. That’s why we hope to always express what we do in clear, everyday language. Got a question about our services? Reach out, we’d love to chat more about what we offer Bentonville.
Does Rock City Digital work outside of Bentonville in neighboring cities like Bella Vista and Pea Ridge?
We absolutely do! Our services are available across NWA.
How will I know what I need to grow my Bentonville business?

At Rock City Digital, we really get to know you and your business inside out. We dig deep to understand your goals, challenges, and dreams. Then, armed with all that juicy info, we craft custom strategies that perfectly match your objectives and set you on the path to success.

Is a website or social media important for my business to grow?

A website is crucial as a digital front door, showcasing expertise, building trust, and driving leads. And in the 20th-century, the power of social media to connect with your target audience, build brand loyalty, and reach new customers is unmatched as a tool to help your business grow.

Do you work with Bentonville nonprofits?
We love working with nonprofits. Click here to learn more about what we offer. Every organization is unique, making custom website design potentially a very impactful service for nonprofits like yours.

It’s time to switch to the marketing provider that delivers results

Bentonville business owners are loving the impact of Rock City Digital. We’ve got smarter strategies, seamless project management, and agreements that suit you best. Plus, our detailed analytics and reporting show you exactly how your marketing dollars are put to work.