We're hiring a Project Manager for our SEO and Paid Search Team

As a Project Manager, you’ll be working with a team of industry leaders in SEO and Paid Search. Your job is to help make sure projects are going smoothly and offer support. We want to create an amazing work experience for everyone at RCD, you included! It’s a fun job with an incredible team.

“We believe that work-life balance, autonomy, and freedom provide an amazing place to work but the only way to truly offer that is by hiring the right people. People who are action-oriented and will tackle problems head-on when they find them, people who operate with a growth mindset by always staying curious and willing to grow and change, people who are intentional with their time, and people who are true team players. We believe this is our winning formula for creating not only a fun work environment but also one that respects you as the adult that you are.” – Kait Hill, Owner

Job description

We are seeking a highly organized and experienced Project Manager to join our team in Central Arkansas. As a Project Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing and executing a variety of SEO and Paid Search campaigns for our clients. You will play a key role in ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within scope, and within budget. This position requires knowledge of SEO and Paid Search, organizational skills, strong verbal and written communication abilities, and the ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams.

Perks of joing our team

We are a small but mighty team who hires intentional, growth minded people who have a disposition to taking action and being a team player. Our goal is to do great work for great people with great people. We value work life balance, autonomy, and freedom with a strong belief that results mean more than hours worked. We each have a quarterly goal that either improves the business and your role/team or we equip you with educational resources to take your skills to the next level.

4.5 Day Work Week

Generous PTO Plan

Health Insurance

401k Match

Flexible Work Schedules

Office closed Dec 24-Jan 1

Fun Team Events

Remote Work

“I’ve been with RCD a long time — 7 years! What makes someone stay with a company so long? Well RCD has made a life changing investment in me, professionally and personally. So this isn’t just my job, it’s a cherished part of my life.”


Senior Web Geek since 2017

A Day in the life of a

Project Manager

First, Team organization

Coordinate with internal team members on project progress and discuss objectives and deliverables. Check and update project plans and documentation.


Then, Mitigate risk & problem solve

Review project scopes and client business goals. Address any ongoing project issues and risks. Plan and strategize to mitigate any identified project risks.


Client Communication

Engage with clients to foster strong relationships and discuss project developments. Ensure a smooth client experience in every stage – onboarding, during projects, and offboarding.

Team Development & Education

Identify goals for the quarter and seek out process efficiencies. Keep informed about industry trends and best practices in project management.


  • Action Oriented – does not like to be handheld or micromanaged
  • Team player – steps up to support the team and keeps them in mind when making decisions
  • Growth Minded – find problems and provide potential solutions to improve teams and the agency as a whole
  • Ability to effectively communicate strategy, action items, and technical information on video meetings, calls, and emails in a digestible way for clients and internal teams
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities
  • Effective leadership and team collaboration skills
  • Keen eye for detail and quality
Preferred Qualifications
  • Knowledge of current SEO and Paid Search principles
  • Experience in creating SEO strategies
  • Experience in setting up, managing and auditing Paid Search campaigns
  • Experience in leading client-facing meetings
  • Experience working with cross-functional and remote team
  • Experience with project management tools (e.g., Monday.com, Asana, Trello, Microsoft Project)
Roles & Responsibilities

Lead projects with clients:

  • Flexibility in working with all types of clients ranging in industries and technical knowledge
  • Form trusted relationships with clients
  • Collaborate with internal and external teams to ensure that you have the correct information when needed
  • Ability to accept a client’s feedback (or when to push back according to your professional recommendations)
Build Trust With Your Team:
  • Lead and support team through all projects
  • Help team set and meet projects deadlines on a daily basis
  • Leading weekly team calls
  • Assist team in prioritizing tasks and in sharpening time management skills
  • Remaining aware and action-oriented when it comes to your team’s mental and emotional health
Lead process from start to finish:
  • Onboard new clients which includes setting up tracking GA4 Goals, creating and/or approving SEO and Paid Search strategies, setting up project boards, and providing monthly reporting insights to clients
  • Quality assurance for your teams SEO, Paid Search, and content writing work
  • Daily Paid Search pacing checks
  • Review feedback from Account Executives and task out appropriate requests
  • Monitor that upcoming blog topics align with strategy
  • Set up clients in SEMrush
  • Lead client kickoff meetings with respective teams
  • Thoroughly documenting kickoff meetings
  • Review and feedback calls with team
  • Assist in workload management and delegation
  • Overseeing that PM tools are updated with essential information
  • Empowering team to use their skills to make strategic decisions for clients

Tools we use:

Monday.com, Slack, Gmail, Google Office Suite including Google Meet for video meetings, Notion

Meet the team

Our Extended Team

Digital marketing transcends geography and we’ve scouted the globe to find the best talent for our clients. So while we might be an Arkansas company, as Project Manager you’ll be working with national (and sometimes international) industry experts. This diverse team comes together to share knowledge and collaborate on great accounts.

“Rock City Digital was a breath of fresh air as an employee coming from an organization where every suggestion was met with “nope, we don’t do it that way”. Every recommendation or idea I’ve offered in my past two years of employment has been genuinely and respectfully considered, and implemented more often than not. The flexibility and willingness to try something new if the old way isn’t working is reason enough to love my job, but there are so many more reasons to add to the list. RCD is a workplace where everyone truly wants to see you thrive, and leadership will pave the way to make it happen. Here, I am celebrated for being exactly who I am and the strengths I bring to the team, while encouraged to continue evolving and reaching for new heights. I never have to “watch my back” or second guess anyone’s intentions. I’ve never once been asked to work past my 40 hours. Working with clients will always have its challenges no matter where you work, but feeling genuinely peaceful, supported, and appreciated is something I’ve only felt at Rock City Digital.”


Web Geek since 2021

“Starting a new job can be intimidating but everyone on the team at Rock City Digital made me feel SO welcomed onto the team. After working for myself for years, I was nervous about going back into the world as an employee. But when I joined the team I was immediately celebrated for my unique perspective, experience, and ideas. Being given the autonomy and trust to make decisions and take action without fear of repercussions is something that I haven’t experienced as an employee, especially so quickly after joining the team. Everyone on the team is on the same page with our core values, and if you’re taking action with them in mind, you’re set up for success from the beginning! My favorite part of being on the team is that we are constantly trying to create a workplace that encourages growth in our careers as well as real work-life balance. We’re all seen as the amazing humans we are, not just another cog in the machine.”


Project Manager since 2023

Tentative Interview Schedule

Round one

First Round Interviews will be held April 8th – 12th via a phone call and will last around 15 – 30 minutes. This is where Kait will get to know a little bit more about you and you will get to know a lot more about what all the job entails. Interviews are a two way street and I want to make sure to not waste your time if the position doesn’t make sense for you for any reason.

Round two

Second Round Interviews will be held virtually April 15th – 18th and will last around 45 minutes. This interview will be where Kait and Kelli will truly get to know you as a person! We believe that you hire the whole person, not just their skills. You’ll also be able to ask any burning questions you may have to both of the owners of Rock City Digital.

Round three

Third Round Interviews will be held in person on April 23rd or April 24th at the Little Rock Tech Park. This interview will last somewhere between 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the skills assessment portion of the interview. This will be where you get to meet Kelli in person, our Director of Operations Nikki, and our Account Executive Sarah. We believe that it’s important for you to know who you will be working closely with!

Offer & Start Dates

We plan to make an offer for this position by April 26th with a tentative start date of May 13th. Of course, all of this information is subject to change but we want to give you as clear of an idea of what to expect throughout this process!

Common questions about working at RCD answered

What are your core values?

Our core values are Growth Minded, Action-Oriented, Team Player, and Intentional. We truly live by our core values here at Rock City Digital and will reward and reprimand based on them. It’s important for us to find a core value fit for our team because we expect greatness from anyone who works here.

Are you remote, hybrid, or in office?

We are a fully remote team all located in Central Arkansas. We have some clients that prefer to meet in person so it’s important that our people are centrally located. We also have team meetings 3-4 times per year along with a multi-day team retreat. We believe that you can do great work at home but we also believe that it’s important to know who you’re working with too!

What is your work schedule each week?
We work Monday – Thursday 8 – 5 pm and Friday 8 – 1 pm. There is flexibility in your schedule so if you need to go to a Doctors appointment, you don’t have to take PTO but you may need to make it up somewhere in the week.
What is your PTO policy?
A new employee will get 14 days of PTO during their first year of employment and 21 days after the first full calendar year.
Are there any special perks?
We like to think we have a lot of perks here at RCD! We believe that if you work hard and produce great results, that you should have the freedom and flexibility you need to live a full life. We work a 4.5-day work week, offer an amazing PTO policy, have flexible schedules, and get to work from home. We also take off the week between Christmas & New Year’s, have medical & insurance, and retirement plans, and we are working on a profit-sharing plan as well.

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