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If you are making decisions to invest in your digital marketing strategy, you don’t want to forget about your brand’s social media presence. As consumers, we spend a lot of time on our phones. In many cases, we use our phones to research, compare, and even buy products or services. We look to social media for suggestions on anything and everything, from the best gyms to go to, opinions on local restaurants, and more. 

When a company has a robust social media presence, it makes it easier for us to find the answers we are looking for. We can look at reviews, ratings, specials, discounts, menus, prices, and more! Plus, social media allows businesses to tell their story, show the people behind the product, and really get involved with potential and existing customers. 

If you’re in the Conway area and looking to amp up your social media presence, you’re making the right choice. In the city of colleges, you have a large demographic of tech-savvy individuals around you who will benefit from being able to find you on the platforms they’re already on. We can help you make sure you reach them with our social media management services.

Why Social Media Management

A lot of times, we see business owners take the initiative to make one or more social media accounts to represent their brand. That’s a great first step, but that’s just it – the first step. When it comes to marketing on social media, you have to be ready to commit to a never-ending process. You have to take the time to grow you page and engage with the people who might see your page. To be seen and trusted by your audience, you have to invest your time and resources into the digital sphere! If it sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it can be. That’s why it is a great idea to let the pros (ahem, us) do the work for you.

Strategize Your Presence

When you go anywhere to meet someone for the first time, you always want to do your best to make a good impression. When you’re online, you have to think about it in the same way, except that people are constantly forming impressions of you based on your page. At any time, without you even knowing they are there. 

Don’t be nervous though. We offer social media management to help you portray your best self, all of the time. We take awesome pictures of what you do at work, your place of business, what you’re selling – basically, we want to capture whatever it is that made you feel passionate enough to start a business in the first place. These are the kind of things we want to highlight on your social media pages, so that people who are looking can see the great people they’re deciding to do business with!

Timely Responses

Social media management also entails responding to users when they reach out. This means for better or for worse. Responding to people who have good things to say about your business is always fun and easy. It’s not always so easy to respond to negative reviews or just plain rude comments or messages. In some cases, hiding mean things is necessary. When it comes to negative feedback, it’s not that simple. You always want to handle those situations carefully and professionally, while offering a resolution. It shows other customers that your business cares about its customers. It also gives you the opportunity to resolve a problem and make a good impression on a customer who maybe didn’t have a good experience with you.

Social media management services can help navigate these situations and take the necessary steps to make sure your business presents itself professionally online. 

Having a great website goes a long way in and of itself, but it also aids in other marketing strategies. For one, you can link your social media pages on your website, so customers have the opportunity to reach and connect with you on platforms they use on a daily basis, like Facebook or Instagram.

A website can also house an internal blog, to provide customers with tips and tricks on things relevant to your industry. This helps you be seen as useful to your customer, plus it helps them stay on your website longer, which can influence their decision to invest in your business.

A great website can also help when it comes to SEO. This is influenced by everything from website design, the actual content on your website, and even HTML or coding. The best way to make sure your website is SEO-friendly is to use a digital marketing agency who specializes in both of these services. Like us.

Consistently Posting

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to growing your presence on social media is that you have to be present. If you make an account, but never post, it will reflect on your business. If you never post on your social media accounts, are you even still in business? You don’t want to make social media pages to never post on them; it can make your audience think you’re not reliable, present, or interested. 

We will make sure your pages are getting posted on consistently, so that none of these things reflect on your business. Posting consistently will help you reach your followers, tell your story, and provide an opportunity for new business. 

Ready to get started? Contact us about what we can do to help your social media strategy!

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