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Daniel Grayling Conway based Web Developer

Hey! Send me some notes for the bio
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Daniel Grayling Conway based Web Developer

hmm ok! How’s this to get started?
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Daniel Grayling Conway based Web Developer
We can mention my obsession with Bronx and Bomber and the Yankees – that’s why they are named their names. The Yankees are also known as “The Bronx Bombers” I like to paint and draw. I’m a type 2 on the Enneagram. I love to dance and sing karaoke and play guitar (learning…slowwllyyyy). I collect albums on vinyl. (These are all just suggestions so you have something to work with lol)
Favorite albums are either my classic rock, Foreigner, Queen, Pink Floyd. Orrrr my favorite local band Brother Moses from Fayetteville.
I love social media because it is a creative outlet. It is the best way to get your name in front of an audience. I ran my own business for 4 years and I know the importance of branding and getting yourself and your team and your service in front of the camera. I know you want to work with someone you can trust and that feels like they’re part of your team.

Have I mentioned I’m an oversharer? lol

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Daniel Grayling Conway based Web Developer

Haha perfect let’s just use that!
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