Montie Hennard, Production Geek

HQ: Little Rock, AR

Past Work Experience

Started out in IT sales – learned I really loved working with people but really wanted to be in the creative industry. Moved into a photographer/videographer position in a hospital and had the opportunity to broaden my skill set but lost the ability to be around a wide and diverse group of people. THEN- found the opportunity at RCD where my skills and desire to work with people get to live in harmony with each other. 

Creative Experience

Started taking photos in college for my student ministry and slowly started photographing friends, weddings, events, etc and used it as a way to support myself in school. I knew from a very young age however that I wanted to be in the creative industry in some way. In high school, I  was always taking AP art classes and was actively involved in show choir. I got my first camera when I was a junior in college and knew pretty instantly I had a gift and wanted to use it. 

Personal Life

I am the youngest of 4 kids, I don’t have my own family yet but I have 6 nieces and nephews that I absolutely adore! I am also a dog mom to my goldendoodle named Louis. I love spending time with my family and my friends! My favorite way to recharge is a night in with my dog, watching the newest trending Netflix series and a glass of wine. I love taking walks, journaling, taking photos, and going to coffee shops.

Personal Facts

I am an enneagram 6 to my core. I am pretty introverted but love creating deep connections with people, and am very in tune with my thoughts (my desire to have an intellectual reasoning behind everything)! This does usually make me an excellent problem solver and I am very competent in almost any crisis. I desire stability, security, and a safe environment in all things, so in turn I try to create that same space in myself for others to also feel safe.

Other random facts

I am an avid One Direction fan. I love traveling whether it’s a new city, the beach, the mountains- I love anything that involves seeing new places.
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