You can find me at the…

The Conway, AR Branch.

Meet Madelyn

Madelyn is a 21-year-old UCA alumn with a passion for sarcastic humor. Witty tweets, punny Instagram captions, and dad-jokes on Facebook are her favorite forms of expression. For inspiration, she looks to shows like The Office, The League, How I Met Your Mother, and New Girl. Beyond a good laugh, Madelyn loves a good thrill. Catch her binging every true-crime podcast or documentary known to man – from Ted Bundy to Jim Jones, she probably knows about it. With a personality somewhere between hilarious and a little dark, Madelyn calls herself a social chameleon – she can be anyone’s best friend. 

Unconventional is the name of the game when it comes to how Madelyn approaches managing social media – “if you’re not getting a rise out of someone, you’re boring everyone.” She likes to take a method-acting approach to any social media page she takes over – inwardly becoming one with the voice of the brand to unleash a style unlike any other. She believes that in an age where the internet is so crowded, the only way to get attention is to be radically different. 

Coffee Order: Black, please.

Favorite Pastime: Binging true crime docs or snuggling my cats.
Place to Travel: Anywhere new.

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