Kristen Farmin

You can find me at the…

The Little Rock, AR Branch.

Meet Kristen

Kristen Farmin is a web design geek here at Rock City Digital. She loves the puzzle-solving aspect of organizing a client’s content into a logical, easy-to-use, and aesthetically pleasing website. Because she finds most everything at least mildly interesting, talking to her clients and learning new things about their business or practice is one of her favorite parts of being a web designer. Kristen believes that challenges are what keep work interesting and is always pushing herself to do better, learn more, and help others along the way. She’s already looking forward to her next creative project.

Kristen is a Central Arkansas native who can often be spotted in a local coffee shop by day and a local brewery by night. A Myers-Briggs test classifies her as an INFP while the sorting hat has placed her in Ravenclaw. Kristen is a lover of all things art and design, a friend to all puppies and kitties, and a consumer of good books and vinyl records.

Coffee Order: Black coffee

Favorite Pastime: Netflix binge

Place to Travel: New places! Denver, Chicago, NYC

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