You can find me at the…

The Little Rock, AR Branch.

Meet Kelli

If the RCD team Kon Mari’d the office, some things would not make the cut. The printer we never use. The IPA’s left in the fridge too long.

But Kelli Campbell wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Our Happiness Coordinator, Kelli’s role is to make working with (and working for) Rock City Digital the absolute best experience possible. From the first sales meeting to project management 24 months down the line, Kelli makes her colleagues and our clients smile, laugh, and enjoy the exciting work exporting from our laptops right now.

As a Louisiana-native, Kelli is naturally obsessed with investigative podcasts (thanks True Detective Season One), but also enjoys a good-old fashioned celebrity gossip.

She is an Enneagram 7.

Coffee Order: (regular) black with milk or (special) cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks

Favorite Pastime: Baking, camping, planning trips I’ll never take, budgeting

Place to Travel: Ireland

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