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The Little Rock, AR Branch.

Meet Kait

Kait Hill is the sole owner of Rock City Digital. She never imagined she would be in the role she is in today but she enjoys every minute of it. She loves challenges and running a business has been her biggest challenge yet. She has the unique mind of figuring out processes and efficiencies and it’s something she actually considers fun to do. As a business owner, she understands where client’s minds are when they are considering adding another line item to their monthly expenses. This really comes in handy when she’s talking to clients because she can definitely see their side of things throughout the sales and implementation process and she’s able to make better decisions because of it.

Kait is a very hands on leader and loves to be highly involved in every aspect of the business— from operations to continuing team education endeavors some may say she has her hands quite full but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her main goal while running Rock City Digital is to keep employees happy and motivated and to make sure our clients are getting the results they need to succeed. 

Although Rock City Digital is basically Kait Hill’s life (which hey, she’s not mad about it), she does enjoy things outside of work too! You can usually find her hanging out with friends playing board games and drinking wine or trying new foods around the Little Rock and Columbia areas! She has a passion for animals and people, which is one reason we are a dog friendly company. Yup, you read that right. Dogs are allowed in our offices at all times. These Millennials have a unconventional way of doing things these days but they also have an unconventional way of delivering amazing results and capturing attention. And that’s what marketing is all about, right? 

Coffee Order: Black pour over coffee

Favorite Pastime: Playing games

Place to Travel: Anywhere friends are 

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