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The most surprising thing about Kait is how much she genuinely loves business. As in, she would talk business on the weekend. FOR FUN! “Put me in a room with other business leaders and entrepreneurs to talk shop and I would be happy.” Mind blowing, we know. Kait is enthusiastic about strategizing and optimizing growth for both RCD and our clients. Her favorite part of her job is problem solving and looking for unique opportunities, and it’s no wonder, because she is the best in the biz.

In addition to being an excellent business owner, Kait is also the hostess with the mostest: she LOVES hosting dinner parties. Whether it’s for a party of 12 or a party of two, Kait enjoys cooking and trying new foods with her close friends. Most of her free time is devoted to personal and professional development, but she always saves time for her pets, meditation retreats, hiking, and quick getaways with friends. While she can’t help you with your creative writing (she sent out an SOS to the team to ask for help writing her bio) she can help you become a morning person with a gratitude practice, and everyone on the Rock City Digital team is better because of it.

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