Meet Clay

Astronaut. Wizard. Spaceship pilot. Taylor Swift groupie. These are all the professions that Clay wishes he was. But instead, he settled for digital marketer. 
He actually started out doing many different jobs…insurance claims, insurance sales, energy-efficiency consultant, insulation installer, air duct sealer, and the list goes on. It took him 10 years to figure out that he was a terrible employee so he founded Rock City Digital in 2015.
He’s still trying to figure out how to become a wizard or an astronaut, but until then, he focuses his time on sales and marketing for RCD. FYI, you will never find him at the office. He spends most of his time on an airplane meeting with clients or in random coffee shops.
He’s an Enneagram 3.

Coffee Order: Mocha

Favorite Pastime: Video Games

Place to Travel: Maui

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