You can find me at the…

The Little Rock, AR Branch.

Meet Brittany

Small town newspaper reporter turned digital marketer, Brittany loves her “job” as a Social Media Geek because it gives her the opportunity to build relationships, get to know various industries on a deep level, and show business owners(and the world) how special their life work is in new and exciting ways. 

A by-the-book Hufflepuff and Enneagram type 9, Brittany holds very few strong opinions other than the fact that pugs are the best and pineapple belongs on pizza. She enjoys a Netflix binge way more than she cares to admit and wants you to acknowledge that she is a superior fan of The Office fan because she watched it while it was on air. 

Brittany lives in Little Rock with her husband, pug boy Ralphie(@ralphiepugnugget), and baby girl Grace.

Coffee Order: dark roast with honey, cream, and cinnamon

Favorite Pastime: Family time – especially at Lake Ouachita with Ralphie

Place to Travel: Anywhere with a gorgeous natural view, but a warm beach will do

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