You can find me at the…

The Little Rock, AR Branch.

Meet Amanda

Amanda is a crime show junkie, aspiring actor (inside joke), and a lover of anything that has carbs. She pretty much just Googles stuff all day for a job, so she’s got that going for her, which is nice. She really tries to live by the old German quote “Sie haben das tatsächlich nachgeschlagen.” Speaking of quotes, she pretty much has a Harry Potter quote for any situation and argues passionately that Dumbledore was a terrible person. Her little family consists of a husband, an infant son, and four dogs, so she pretty much lives in a sitcom waiting to happen. If you love analytics and long walks on the beach, then Amanda is the Geek for you (beach walks of any kind are not included in SEO or SEM services).

Coffee Order: Mocha

Favorite Pastime: Reading

Place to Travel: Europe

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