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If you’re here, that means you’re probably looking for digital marketing services in or around Conway. Good idea, too! Conway is a growing city; with three colleges, a lot of roundabouts, and new businesses popping up on every corner, there is a lot of competition from business to business. Digital marketing can make sure you’re seen not only in the area, but online, from wherever your customers are looking. 

At Rock City Digital, we’ll be the first to admit that we’re a bunch of geeks when it comes to anything digital, and we love it. Our team is made up of individuals who have a passion and serious talent for search engine optimization, website design, social media management, SEM, videography, email marketing, and more. When you work with us, you can expect a full range of digital marketing services unlike any other. Why?

Because we know we’re geeks. We’re not just an ordinary media agency with a tunnel vision focus on delivering results. Great results matter, but how we get there-the process-is just as important to us, and we want you to feel involved every step of the way. We love telling the story of who we are and what we do, and we want to help you do the same for your company. That means building your social presence, getting yourself seen on the search page, and putting your best foot forward for potential customers and clients to see. You won’t get something boring and corporate with us; if that’s what you’re looking for, we invite you to seek out our competitors. Seriously. If you want to catch people’s attention, stand out, be edgy and out-of-the-box, then we are your digital marketing geeks.

Why Use Digital Marketing Services?

Rock City Digital is staffed with a bunch of cool, hip, young adults (aka geeks) who know how to use the digital world to their advantage and yours. And we will be transparent with you. As young adults, we’re pretty stingy when it comes to spending money. Being broke is currently trending among millenials. All this is to say that we completely understand the hesitancy of committing to yet another monthly expense. But there are some things you just shouldn’t skimp on, and digital marketing is one of them. It’s likely that the last time you were considering a service, you hopped online to search your options. Maybe that’s how you ended up landing on this page and reading this! 

Digital marketing services are becoming a crucial investment to business because of this very reason- people are searching the web more than ever. If you don’t have a digital presence when potential customers are in the research phase of the buying journey, then you are losing out on business that could have been yours.

    Your Audience Is On Social Media

    The Internet isn’t going anywhere; no matter what demographic you’re trying to reach, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be able to connect with them through the Internet, whether that’s via social media, your website, or a search engine. That’s why it’s important for your brand to take advantage of these different platforms, which is what digital marketing can help you to do. It allows you to showcase your products, services, business history, and be social with the people you’re trying to win over as future customers. As buyers and customers, we want to know a little bit about the people behind the product or service we are investing in, and we often look online to get this information before even looking at product prices.

      People Are Searching For You

      If you’re offering a product or service, it’s safe to assume that someone out there needs it! Our digital marketing services can help you get in front of your customer when they’re looking and making decisions about what company they will use to get what they need. The great thing is, there are multiple ways to do this, and when used in conjunction with one another, you can make a big impact. It could start with optimizing your website as well as beefing up your social media presence to build relationships with real customers. Digital marketing is most effective when you use various methods at the same time, which is what we encourage you to do. Hint: we will help.

      We don’t just rely on yellow pages anymore, and thank goodness. Having an online presence gives you the opportunity to make a great impression before your customer even makes contact with you. 

        How Will Rock City Digital Help Me?

        The digital marketing services we offer at Rock City Digital will make sure your business benefits from going social and investing into your digital presence. Our geeks combine talent with creativity to offer a unique approach to digital marketing. We encourage you to look through our services to get an idea of what we can offer your business.

        Check out our services pages for a full overview on what we can offer you.

          Social Media Management

          Creating a social media account is only worth the effort if you’re generating real results. This means having a strategy behind what you do and why you do it. Posting photos and status updates aren’t enough; when we do something, there’s a reason behind it. And we are constantly measuring results to figure out what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.


          A good website will let your customers take the lead when discovering what you have to offer. You want to make sure the design is easy to follow, pleasing to the eye, and will keep them on your website for as long as possible. That’s where we come in! 

          SEO AND SEM

          Search engine optimization and search engine marketing sound like super fancy terms, but really, the idea is easy to understand. Long story short, we want to make sure your website is friends with Google, so that it is easy to find. This means using keywords that people will search for to find what you have to offer. It takes a lot of ongoing management and research, which our SEO/SEM geeks love to do.

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