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Have you ever visited a website, clicked on a link, and it didn’t work? Have you ever visited a website on your phone, but it wasn’t optimized for mobile and so you couldn’t navigate it all? Maybe you tried to look up your favorite restaurant online but discovered that they didn’t even have a website at all. 

Chances are, you’ve seen a website that wasn’t user-friendly, or you have encountered how annoying it is for a business not to have a website at all. As consumers in the digital age, we look to the Internet as a resource when it comes to making decisions on what we want to purchase. Whether it’s a product, service, or tonight’s dinner, it is extremely helpful when a company has a website to visit and gather information from. For these reasons (and more), website design is a critical investment for businesses. It’s not only important to have a website to begin with, it needs to be well-designed with the user in mind. If that’s why you’re here, then we can help.

Why Invest in Website Design

Think of a website as a resource to your potential and existing customers, as well as an asset to your company that helps you do less work. Sounds like a win-win, right? It is. In a world full of options, one way to connect is to show the face(s) behind the business. Your website gives you the opportunity to tell your story, purpose, vision, and successes. All in one small space. Skimping out on a great website not only hurts your customers, it hurts your business overall.

Make a Good Impression

A website allows you to make a good first impression on people who are interested in your business. A website can combine great design and functionality with photos of your business and its people, making it easier for people to feel like they can trust you to serve them. Your website allows you to exhibit personality, embody your brand voice, and connect with customers to build relationships online. 

Furthermore, a well-designed website lets people know that you take your brand, and them, seriously. When you put effort into your website, it shows your audience that you intentionally created a digital resource for them to utilize at their convenience. 

It’s sort of like when you go to an interview, or on a first date. Chances are, you dress a little more nicely than usual, to make a good impression on the person you are meeting for the first time. We all know that dressing casually doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be a good person to employ (or date), but we do it because it shows we are taking the opportunity seriously. Website design works the same way; a poorly designed one doesn’t mean your services aren’t great, but it would be hard to tell if that was someone’s first impression of your business.

Benefits Other Marketing Strategies

Having a great website goes a long way in and of itself, but it also aids in other marketing strategies. For one, you can link your social media pages on your website, so customers have the opportunity to reach and connect with you on platforms they use on a daily basis, like Facebook or Instagram.

A website can also house an internal blog, to provide customers with tips and tricks on things relevant to your industry. This helps you be seen as useful to your customer, plus it helps them stay on your website longer, which can influence their decision to invest in your business.

A great website can also help when it comes to SEO. This is influenced by everything from website design, the actual content on your website, and even HTML or coding. The best way to make sure your website is SEO-friendly is to use a digital marketing agency who specializes in both of these services. Like us.

Your Competitors Are Doing It

Let’s be clear. We aren’t saying that you should do something just because everyone else is doing it. However, when it comes to a super awesome, helpful website, we do believe every business should have one. If you don’t have a website, or if it just sucks, you should invest in making it better. Especially if your competitor has a great website. Why?

Because if a consumer is looking at a company’s website to influence their decision, they will probably end up going with the company whose website was actually useful. Imagine this: someone is trying to decide what they want to order for lunch. They are trying to decide between two restaurants, but want to choose the most convenient option. One restaurant offers the ability to order online, customize the order, pay and leave a tip, all from the comfort of their keyboard. The other restaurant has a website, but there’s no menu and you have to call to order. That made them lose out on this customer’s lunch order. 

Sometimes, these seemingly simple things can majorly influence your customer’s choices. We can help make sure you don’t miss out.  

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How Can Rock City Digital Help with Website Design in Conway?

Our team of marketing geeks know how to design damn good websites. Like, seriously. Most of the website projects we work on have a 30-day turn around, ensuring you get the best end product in a reasonable amount of time. When you rely on us to design your website, you can relax. We make the process simple for you, while still allowing you to be involved, so that your website reflects your wishes and desires. 

The Process

Our website designers will kick-off an initial meeting that’s kind of like a first date. We’ll get to know you and your business, what you’re searching for, and where you see things going. By doing that, we will mock up a website design specific to you and your needs. Our original design will embody your brand voice and vision, not someone else’s. We will make sure you approve the mock-up, then we’ll get the ball rolling with a demo site that will allow you to play around like your user would. After we make the final changes, we will launch your site! With our team, you get ongoing site management, including unlimited content changes. Whatever we can do to make you happy, we are at your service. 

The Perks of Working with Us

At Rock City Digital, you’re guaranteed a second date. We won’t ghost you after we design your website. We want to be available to you anytime you pick up the phone and ask for updates to your website. We know that website design companies often have a bad reputation for charging extra fees to make simple changes to a website after its built. On top of that, it takes them three weeks to make that change. There’s no sense of urgency to getting the work done. We aren’t like that. We make content changes within 24-business hours and it’s included in our monthly fee. In addition to content changes, we make sure the site is up-to-date on the backend software, security, and spam filters. We do this monthly.

Feel like we might be a good fit? Let us know!

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